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Janet Marie Waldo (February 4, 1920 – June 12, 2016) was an American radio, television, animation and live-action film actress.

Janet Waldo was an American radio, television, animation and live-action film actress. She is best known in animation for voicing Judy Jetson, Nancy in Shazzan, Penelope Pitstop, and Josie in Josie and the Pussycats, and on radio for Meet Corliss Archer. She died June 12, 2016, aged 96. Her big break came in radio with a part on Cecil B. DeMille's Lux Radio Theater. In her radio career, she lent her voice to many programs, including Edward G. Robinson's Big Town, The Eddie Bracken Show, Favorite Story, Four Star Playhouse, The Gallant Heart, One Man's Family, Sears Radio Theater and Stars over Hollywood. She co-starred with Jimmy Lydon in the CBS situation comedy Young Love (1949–50), and she had recurring roles on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (as teenager Emmy Lou), The Red Skelton Show and People Are Funny. However, it was her eight-year run starring as teenager Corliss Archer on CBS's Meet Corliss Archer that left a lasting impression, even though Shirley Temple starred in the film adaptations, Kiss and Tell and A Kiss for Corliss. The radio program was the CBS answer to NBC's popular A Date with Judy. Despite the long run of Meet Corliss Archer, less than 24 episodes are known to exist. Waldo later turned down the offer to portray Corliss in a television adaptation. In 1948, the Meet Corliss Archer comic book, using Waldo's likeness, published by Fox Feature Syndicate, appeared for a run of three issues from March to July 1948, using the original scripts. The same year, Waldo married playwright Robert Edwin Lee, the writing partner of Jerome Lawrence. The couple had two children, and remained married until his death in 1994. WIKIPEDIA

Bill Herz of ‘War of the Worlds’ Broadcast Dies at 99

Mr. Herz, who labored on other radio and theater productions as stage manager and casting director for Welles’s Mercury Theater company.
Welles’s CBS show “The Mercury Theater around the Air” presented an adaptation from the H. G. Wells novel “The War of the Worlds” because of its Halloween episode on Sunday, March. 30, 1938. The live hour long program started by having an up-to-date prelude towards the original novel strangely warning that super intelligent creatures have been coveting “this Earth with envious eyes.” OBIT | CBS

 VIDEO (AUDIO) The Complete CBS Broadcast of Orson Welles and "War of the Worlds".. 

Radio comedian and Mr Ed sitcom star Alan Young dies at 96

 Alan Young (November 19, 1919 – May 19, 2016) was an English-Canadian-American actor, voice actor, comedian, radio host, television host and personality best known for his role as Wilbur Post in the television comedy series Mister Ed and as the voice of Scrooge McDuck in Disney films, TV series and video games. During the 1940s and 1950s, he starred in his own shows on radio and television. He also appeared in a number of feature films, including The Time Machine. Young's first American radio appearances were on the Philco Radio Hall of Fame. This led to his own show, The Alan Young Show, NBC's summer replacement for Eddie Cantor's series. He switched to ABC two years later, then returned to NBC. Young's film debut was in Margie (1946), and he was featured in Chicken Every Sunday (1949). In 1950, the television version of The Alan Young Show began. By 1951, the series had received not only praise but also several Primetime Emmy awards, including "Outstanding Lead Actor" for Alan Young. WIKIPEDIA BBC OBIT

 VIDEO: The Alan Young Show was an American radio and television series presented in diverse formats over a nine-year period and starring Canadian-English actor Alan Young. The series began on NBC Radio as a summer replacement situation comedy in 1944, featuring vocalist Bea Wain. It then moved to ABC Radio with Jean Gillespie portraying Young's girlfriend Betty. The program was next broadcast by NBC for a 1946-47 run and was off in 1948. When it returned to NBC in 1949, Louise Erickson played Betty and Jim Backus was heard as snobbish playboy Hubert Updike III. EPISODE Story: Alan Wants To Be A Reporter Original Air Date: December 26, 1944


Sponsored by the Skelly Oil Company, the Captain Midnight radio program was the creation of radio scripters Wilfred G. Moore and Robert M. Burtt, who had previously scored a success for Skelly with their boy pilot adventure serial The Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen. Developed at the Blackett, Sample and Hummert advertising agency in Chicago, Captain Midnight began as a syndicated show in 1938, airing through the spring of 1940 on a few Midwest stations, including Chicago's WGN. In 1940, Ovaltine, a product of The Wander Company, took over sponsorship. With Pierre Andre as announcer, the series was then heard nationally on the Mutual Radio Network where it remained until 1942. It moved to the Merchandise Mart and the NBC Blue Network in September 1942. When the U.S. Government broke up the NBC Red and Blue Networks, Ovaltine moved the series back to Mutual, beginning September 1945, and it remained there until December, 1949. WIKIPEDIA VIDEO: CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT RADIO SHOW OVALTINE & IVAN SHARK VILLIAN


Music from Studio X was an American network radio program of recorded music on the Mutual Broadcasting System originating from WOR in New York. The program premiered on July 9, 1956 with host John A. Gambling; [photo left] The broadcast was heard Monday through Saturday between 9:05 PM and 1 AM EST, and on Sundays between 1:30 PM and 5 PM, with a 15-minute news break at 11 PM by newscaster Lyle Van. The theme music was written and conducted by Joe Leahy. Columnist J. P. Shanley's New York Times' review of July 10, 1956 praised the program, calling it "a welcome step in the direction of civilized radio entertainment", designed to appeal to "listeners who are interested neither in the classics nor in rock and roll". Lush instrumentals and vocal recordings were aired, many of them original to the program. On the program's premiere broadcast, music from the then-contemporary "My Fair Lady" was featured. General Teleradio, later known as RKO-General, a division of the General Tire & Rubber Co. at that time controlled RKO Radio Pictures and its record subsidiary RKO/Unique Records as well as the Mutual network, and used the Studio X program to promote recordings by RKO/Unique artists; including performers like Rudy Vallee, Ted Lewis, and The Harmonicats, whose most successful years were past them by this time. RKO/Unique also released an LP of Joe Leahy's theme music from the program. WPAT-FM in Patterson, New Jersey had been presenting a similar program entitled "Gaslight", except without broadcasting vocal music. WOR actually did construct a special studio - Studio X - for the new program at the station. "Music from Studio X" was heard from WOR for three years, until 1959.WIKIPEDIA

The American Trail

American Trail is a thirteen part series chronicling the history of The United States of America. It tells the story of the brave men and women who experienced a myriad of astounding triumphs of the human spirit. These early Americans, through hard work and sacrifice, laid the foundation of this great nation. The show aired in 1953 Archive Episodes (13 Episode Series) "The American Trail" is a 1953, historically correct serial-drama, which accurately chronicles American History - including the Lewis & Clarke Expedition & the exploration and settlement of the American West. -*-SPONSOR: The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Ladies Auxiliary

This Is Your FBI

This Is Your FBI was a radio crime drama which aired in the United States on ABC from April 6, 1945 to January 30, 1953 for a total of 409 shows. FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover gave it his endorsement, calling it "the finest dramatic program on the air". Producer-director Jerry Devine was given access to FBI files by Hoover, and the resulting dramatizations of FBI cases were narrated by Frank Lovejoy (1945), Dean Carleton (1946–1947) and William Woodson (1948–1953). Stacy Harris played the lead role of fictional Special Agent Jim Taylor. Others in the cast were William Conrad, Bea Benaderet and Jay C. Flippen. This Is Your FBI was sponsored during its entire run by the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States. The first episode includes an appearance by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover detailing real life cases from the files of the FBI. WIKIPEDIA Episode: Escaped POWs Original Air Date: April 27, 1945

Peg Lynch, Writer and Star of Early Situation Comedy, Dies at 98

Margaret Frances “Peg” Lynch (November 25, 1916 – July 24, 2015), was an American writer and actor, and creator of the radio and television sitcom Ethel and Albert. She was one of the first women to star in, own, and write, singlehandedly, her own comedy series. WIKIPEDIA The Private Lives of Ethel and Albert is a 1940s comedy show created by and starring, Peg Lynch ("The Couple Next Door") and Alan Bunce. Also referred to as "The Private Lives of Ethel and Albert" set in the small american town of Sandy Harbor. The Ethel and Albert Arbuckle series first aired on local Minnesota radio in the early 1940s, then picked up by ABC from May 29, 1944 to August 28, 1950. “I base my show on the little things in life,” Ms. Lynch said in an interview in The New York Times in 1950, when the show, then on radio, was known as “The Private Lives of Ethel and Albert.” “I believe that people like to find out that other people have some of the same problems they do.” NYTimes OBIT The show had its first national exposure as a 15-minute, five-day-a-week radio program on the Blue Network (the progenitor of ABC) in 1944, with the actor Richard Widmark playing Albert. Three of the radio scripts were staged for television in Schenectady, N.Y., in 1946 — by then her co-star, who remained with the show for its remaining years, was Alan Bunce — and in 1950 “Ethel and Albert” appeared in sketches on “The Kate Smith Hour,” an afternoon variety show. It became its own weekly series, broadcast on Saturday nights on NBC, in 1953, later moving to CBS and then ABC before going off the air in 1956. Radio historian Gerald Nachman (in Raised on Radio) called the show "insightful and realistic... a real leap forward in domestic comedy—a lighthearted, clever, well-observed, daily 15-minute show about the amiable travails of a recognizable suburban couple" which combined "the domestic comedy of a vaudeville-based era with a keen modern sensibility. Lynch made her comic points without stooping to female stereotypes, insults, running gags, funny voices or goofy plots."

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TERROR OF THE ARCTIC- After receiving a distress signal from a dimensional void, The Doctor and Christine are lead to the 19th Century Arctic where they become involved in one of history's greatest unsolved mysteries. They soon discover a pair of British sailing vessels trapped in the ice. The crews are dying one by one despite the fact that the crewmen are healthy and have an abundance of supplies, shelter and food. The Doctor, perplexed by the unexplained deaths as well as the distress signal, pledges his aid. Podcast

George Raft in The Cases of Mr Ace

Well written detective show starring as George Raft as Mr. Ace

The sole owner of Ace Detective Agency.

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Mr. Ace is on the case! The Cases of Mr. Ace is a smartly written detective classic old time radio show. Starring was George Raft as Mr. Ace. The Ace Detective Agency was dramtized as being on New York City's 6th Avenue. Eddie Ace likes his coffee sweet and black and he talks tough detective speak. The show is full of snarky descriptions typical of detectives of this era.

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